Week 14: Lamb Vindaloo Naan Pizza

I’ve been wanting to make some Indian food with lamb for the longest time.. and finally worked up the courage to do so. I can’t say I made it from scratch … nothing more convenient than those pre-packaged, delicious Indian sauces. So, I picked up a pound of ground lamb, some bell peppers, naan and made dinner. The lamb cooked nicely … it was a little greasier than I anticipated it being, so I strained the grease off. I used a pre-packaged vindaloo sauce that was quite tasty.

Fast forward one day to me having a lot of leftovers. Whole Foods makes some delicious naan… and you always get four in a package, so I was loaded. Thus, the lamb vindaloo pizza was born. I brushed a piece of naan with olive oil and pre-heated the oven to 450 degrees. Then I put some of the leftover ground lamb and bell pepper mix on the naan, followed by more fresh cilantro and mozzarella cheese. I let the pizza cook for about 12 minutes.



The naan got quite crispy, and the mozzarella helped cut some of the spice of the vindaloo. I think that sometimes leftovers can get boring quickly, so this was a nice way to switch it up. Clearly this pizza is super easy … if you are willing to tackle the lamb vindaloo separately. I may also try a chicken tikka pizza in the future…


Pizza and blessings,



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