Week 6: Cinco de Mayo Pizza

After another week of traveling, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. I had a lovely time in North Carolina and feel very fortunate to be a member of the Wake Forest community! With it being Cinco de Mayo this week, I figured it was finally time for a Mexican style pizza. The crust I used this week is something new Whole Foods recently started carrying. It is called a “Flatzza.” It’s very thin; the concept is that it is both a pizza crust and a flatbread. Plus it’s delicious and healthy… I will definitely use it again.

ImageFor the “sauce” I blended a can of spicy black beans, one garlic clove, three chipotle peppers, and a tablespoon of chili powder together. A little goes a long way, so I used the rest to make a black bean hummus (my favorite!) The concept for this pizza is nachos turned inside out. Plus black beans are healthy and delicious.. this is a great vegetarian pizza option. Next I topped the pizza with diced tomatoes and Mexican cheese. You could add whatever you like to this pizza … olives, salsa, scallions, jalapeños! The possibilities are endless.


ImageI opted to add a dollop of guacamole to the top of my pizza, but sour cream would be delicious too. This pizza came together quite easily… that’s what I like about this one. You can make it as complicated or as simple as you like. It was a nice pizza to get me back into the weekly challenge. Eat it while sipping a margarita or a Corona and you are ready for a fiesta!

ImagePizza and blessings,





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