Week 16: Colorado Peach and Pancetta Pizza

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Last week, I got to spend a quick couple of days in Colorado with my family. I loaded up on Colorado things … Alpine Avocado dressing, Dale’s Pale Ale (and O’Dells, and New Belgium…) and some Colorado peaches. These are right in season and simply delicious! I don’t each peaches a lot, as they tend to cause my mouth some problems. However, I made an exception for this delicious, salty and sweet pizza combo!



I initially was going to use prosciutto for this pizza, but decided to switch it up and use pancetta. The two are extremely similar, but pancetta comes from the same area of the pig that bacon does … so it must be good. Pancetta isn’t as salty as prosciutto, which I really appreciate. I used a “flatzza” again for the crust. I then added a very light layer of red sauce, followed by 7 pieces of very thinly sliced pancetta. Next I sliced up one Colorado peach and crumbled some plain goat cheese over the pizza. I finished with a very light layer of mozzarella. Are you noticing a pattern? This is meant to be a very simple, light pizza!



I cooked the pizza at 400 degrees for just about 10 minutes. The pancetta was just starting to get crusty when I pulled it. I didn’t want the peaches to get too well done. What can I say about this pizza? Mmmm, mmm, mm, delicious! The pancetta was mild, the peach soft and sweet, and the goat cheese brought everything together. This has been my favorite pizza in recent weeks. 

IMG_0058 IMG_0059

Thanks, Colorado — for great peaches and beer, with beautiful scenery!

Pizza and blessings,



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