Week 11: Banana Nutella Dessert Pizza with Hazelnuts

Finally, after nearly three months on the pizza project, a dessert pizza has been created. Grace came to town and we had a lovely evening talking and making pizza. This recipe is incredibly easy and came together in no time. We started with just some plain pizza dough that I got at Whole Foods. After we kneaded the dough into a circle, we brushed melted butter over the dough and let it bake at 450 degrees for twenty minutes.


While the pizza was still hot, we spread a generous helping of Nutella over the crust. Then, topped everything off with semi-sweet and white chocolate chips. We put the pizza back in the oven for about two minutes to allow the chocolate chips and Nutella to melt. Finally, we added some chopped hazelnuts and sliced bananas to complete this 100 percent gratuitous, completely delicious pizza.



I think that the melted butter on the dough was key to making this more of a “dessert” style pizza. It helped transform the pizza into more of a pastry. If you love Nutella or chocolate, this is a great recipe. Nutella is a favorite guilty pleasure of mine, especially with bananas. I would make this recipe again in a heartbeat. Thanks for the laughter, conversation, and sharing this pizza with me, Grace!


Pizza and blessings,



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