Week 5: Goat Cheese, Prosciutto, and Arugula Pizza

After a fun week of traveling, I’m back in the pizza swing this week before leaving again! The weather in California was perfect and made me very excited for late spring/summer food and flavors. This weeks pizza is inspired by the rolling hills of wine country, where all the food is superb.

I opted for some homemade dough. I wanted something easy, and that’s exactly what this dough is. It took about 10 minutes to come together, and then I let it rise for 2 hours. I used whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose and it worked just fine. This crust is the thickest of all that I’ve made so far, and rich in flavor. Link for the recipe here.


I opted for store bought pizza sauce this week, from Rao’s. This sauce is delicious! The flavor isn’t too strong and it complimented the flavors nicely. I plan to use this sauce again in coming weeks. Next, I decided that some caramelized onions would be the perfect addition to this pizza. In the spirit of health, I tried caramelizing the onions with olive oil instead of butter. I was feeling a bit creative, so I threw in some balsamic vinegar (yum, right?) Within a minute, the onions were ruined. I don’t pretend to know the first thing about the actual science of food, so I don’t know why the balsamic caused the onions to burn almost immediately. Not to be deterred, I cut up another onion, turned the temp down even lower, and gave it another shot.


Much to my dismay, the onions burned again (even without the balsamic vinegar). So, I picked out a few that were salvageable and pitched the rest. However, I plan to try again soon with caramelizing onions. I added goat cheese crumbles, a bit of mozzarella, pieces of prosciutto, arugula, and the onions to the pizza. I cooked the pizza at 500 degrees. I’m learning that the higher temp you cook a pizza at, the better the results.


Katy was kind enough to join me for dinner. We shared the pizza and a bottle of Pinot Grigio that complimented the pizza well, especially with the goat cheese. At times, some of the bites were on the salty side because of the prosciutto. However, the flavor combination was very delicate and delectable. I’m excited for more summer inspired combinations to come. Thanks again to Katy for braving another week of pizza experimentation with me!



Pizza and blessings,



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