Week 4: Hawaiian Pizza Gone Rogue

Ahh, the Hawaiian pizza. I know without a doubt it was my first foray into new and different pizza combinations many years ago. I think it probably is for most people. The Canadian bacon, the mozzarella cheese, the pineapple. Oh, the pineapple. That’s a problem. I cannot eat pineapple … the acid content is too high, and each time I’ve foolishly eaten it, my mouth has been full of sores for days. So I avoid one of Earth’s best fruits no matter how it’s prepared.


This begs the question … How does one make a Hawaiian pizza sans the pineapple? The mango! I adore mangoes. And they are currently in season and delectable. So, I present to you the Hawaiian pizza with a mango, coconut twist. For this pizza you will need:

  • One pizza crust (with trying to get a lot of stuff done before leaving town next week, I opted for a pre-made crust from Whole Foods this week)
  • Traditional red pizza sauce
  • 1/4 block cream cheese
  • 1 cup mozzarella
  • 2 pieces of Canadian bacon
  • 1 mango, cut into pieces
  • A handful of dried coconut shavings (optional)

After putting the sauce on, I plopped dollops of cream cheese on the pizza. I’m not sure if this is traditional to Hawaiian pizza recipes, but I’ve had it done this way before. If you’ve had cream cheese on pizza you know how totally gratuitous it is. Next went the cheese and Canadian bacon, followed by the sliced mango. To slice a mango, cut it in two, length wise, avoiding the pit in the center. Then cut the mango into pieces while still in the skin, and finally turn the skin inside out and remove the pieces as you wish. Once you get the hang of cutting a mango, it’s quite simple.


Finally, I put a handful of dried coconut shavings on top of the pizza. I didn’t toast the coconut before, assuming that it would brown up nicely in the oven.


This pizza turned out swell. The mango is a much more mild flavor than the pineapple. I do wish i would’ve toasted the coconut before topping the pizza; it didn’t brown up as well as I predicted. I could taste the coconut fairly well though. I especially like using a red sauce with Hawaiian pizza. It keeps the sweetness of the fruit from overtaking the flavor. If you are looking for a new take on the Hawaiian pizza, or are in that sad group of non-pineapple eaters, give this mango, coconut concoction a try. Aloha!



Pizza and blessings,



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